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Summary of Arizona's 2023 Legislative Session

A total of 1,671 bills and 109 memorials and resolutions were introduced. At this time, 346 of those bills gained the approval of both
chambers and made it to the Governor’s desk. Of those 346 bills, Governor Katie Hobbs signed 202 into law and vetoed 143, a 41%
veto rate and more than double the record for the most bills vetoed in a session of 58, which was formerly held by Governor Janet
Napolitano. One bill has not been acted on at this time. SB 1131 residential lease; municipal tax exemption is still in the possession of the Senate and has not been sent to the Governor. Speculation is that the bill may be used as part of a possible deal on the Maricopa County
transportation sales tax extension. Read more about both issues in the Notable Legislation and Issues section here.


Issue Briefs and Talking Points


Above: University of Arizona Environmental & Natural Resources 2
2020 Excellence & Presidents Awards in General Design 
Colwell Shelor & McGann & Associates

Landscape Architects Advancing Climate Justice

Amid a changing climate and increasingly unequal access to critical resources, landscape architects provide the nation opportunities for equitable outcomes in addressing the climate crisis and creating healthy communities. Landscape architects work with policy makers to encourage investment in outdoor spaces that benefit all, in nature-based solutions to climate change, and in preserving the biodiversity that undergirds our well-being. Landscape architects are uniquely qualified to turn these investments into tangible and meaningful progress toward a more resilient and just nation.

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