Licensure is a formal recognition that an individual has demonstrated sufficient knowledge, skill and ability to practice the profession without endangering the health, safety and welfare of the public.  Licensure is required in all 50 United States, British Columbia, Ontario and Puerto Rico.

Licensure involves four steps:

       1. Education

       2. Experience & Examination

       3. Licensure

       4. CLARB Certification 

Visit the CLARB website for more information on the process. 


01/09/13 - Freeman & Jewell LARE Prep Courses
                    Freeman & Jewell Landscape Architecture is once again offering their popular series of preparatory
                    courses for the LARE Examination in Northern California. Please review this brochure for more

                    Section 4: January 25-27
                    Section 3: February 8-10
                    Section 1&2: March 2-3

12/02/12 - CLARB Important Dates
                    December 3, 2012 - Registration Opens for Spring Meeting
                    December 3-15, 2012 - LARE Administration
                    December 31, 2012 - Registration Opens for Spring LARE
09/05/12 - Earlier this year National ASLA adopted a policy to encourage registered landscape architects to use the designation "PLA", Professional Landscape Architect. You can read more about that policy here. The Arizona Chapter leadership is in communication with the Arizona Technical Board of Registration to understand the implications of this policy in our state. Please stay tuned as we continue to investigate this issue. 


CLARB manages a professional certification program, through which landscape architects can document and verify their education, experience, examination and licensure history, thereby streamlining the licensure and reciprocal registration processes.

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LARE Testing

The Landscape Architect Registration Examination (L.A.R.E.) is a four-part fully computerized examination designed to determine whether applicants for landscape architectural licensure possess sufficient knowledge, skills and abilities to provide landscape architectural services without endangering the health, safety and welfare of the public.  It is prepared and scored by CLARB in accordance with all current standards for fairness and quality of licensure exams. 

       Testing Sections

       Section 1 - Project & Construction Management
       Section 2 - Inventory & Analysis
       Section 3 - Design
       Section 4 - Grading, Drainage & Construction Documentation

       L.A.R.E. Administration Dates Through 2013

       September 10-22, 2012 (Sections 1 and 2)
       December 3-15, 2012 (Sections 3 and 4)
       April 8-20, 2013 (Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4)
       August 19-30, 2013 (Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4)
       December 2-14, 2013 (Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4)

For more information or to register for the exam click here

AZ Board of Technical Registration

Arizona Board of Technical Registration
1110 W. Washington St., Suite 240
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Tel (602) 364.4930

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