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Arizona Reports 11/28/2016:

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Arizona Reports 11/9/2016:

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Arizona Reports 10/24/2016:

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Legislative update 5/24/2016:

The three bills listed below of concern to Landscape Architects have been enacted and signed by the Governor.  The most significant one is HB2613.  While Landscape Architects were removed from the bill, the accompanying press release shows that this is just the beginning of deregulating and de-licensing efforts by this administration.

The Arizona Chapter ASLA (AzASLA) continues to work to ensure that the decision makers at state government fully understand the importance of regulation for professions that affect the health safety and welfare of the people.  In addition, we will continue to show how our profession continues to support and drive the economic growth of our state.  Through our work we are the “job creators” that the governor mentions in his press release.

We have a lot of work to do before the next session of the legislature in the fall.  We are currently developing long term strategies to get our message across to decision makers on multiple levels and we need your help.    We encourage you to get involved. We need your skills, your time, your ideas and your commitment to strengthening our profession.  Please contact Karla Hunt at  if you are interested in volunteering to be on the action committees we are developing.  From there we can set up initial meetings to develop strategies and assign tasks.

HB:2613: REGULATORY BOARDS; LICENSING; REVISIONS ENACTED was signed by the Governor 5/19/16

S1119: BOARD OF TECHNICAL REGISTRATION; CONTINUATION was signed by the Governor 5/11/16.

S1422: BOARD OF TECHNICAL REGISTRATION; OMNIBUS was signed by the Governor 5/11/16.

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We Need Your Help to Continue to Fight HB 2613! Donate today!

HB 2613

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Today’s HB 2613 update:

Many of you were at the hearing today (2/17/2016) representing landscape architecture licensure in Arizona and many of you have written letters to your representative opposing HB2613 …..thank you!

The legislators are hearing you and saw firsthand the number of people who want to defend our profession.  We did pack the house and not only had the room full and standing room only but they had to open up an over flow room to accommodate all of the support!  Thank you for all of you who were able to take time out of your busy schedules and to the students who had a firsthand look at how state government works.

Originally announced to be heard 8th we were moved up to the 4th spot in order for the bill to be heard.    All Representatives were professional, cordial, and courteous and allowed everyone adequate time to speak and asked conscientious, thoughtful questions….. but this is not over!

As we anticipated the HB 2613 bill passed with a 5/3 vote.

Here’s Voting breakdown:

Lawrence. yes

Espinoza.  no

Mach.  no

Plumlee. no

Rivera. yes

Shope  yes

Norgard. yes

Petersen. yes


We are working on a strategic plan for the next steps and will be broadcasting the ‘when’ and ‘how’ very soon as we wait for the next agenda to know when it goes to the floor next;  more meetings are being scheduled as well to continue to meet with bill sponsors, other members of the Government Advisory Board as well as the legislature.   We will be hosting a meeting for you in the near future to discuss the strategic plan and other action items.

Please continue to write letters, email and encourage others to do so.  Stay tuned……

Also – please direct all correspondence, opinions, thoughts, ways you can help etc. directly to me so they can be tracked and distributed accordingly.


S.O.S. Save Our Seals

The Arizona State Board of Technical Registration is facing a “Sunset Review” in 2016.   State agencies and their functions “Sunset” or expire unless periodically reauthorized by the legislature.

The Chapter has retained a lobbyist, Robert Shuler, as the profession enters the “Sunset” review process for licensure in Arizona. During sunset review the state reviews certain regulations to determine whether they are necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. Sunset review impacts architects, engineers, and land surveyors, as well landscape architects – anyone that is licensed and is regulated by the Board of Technical Registration (BoTR).

Sunset review represent a threat to landscape architecture practice as we now know it. Potential loss of licensure from deregulation can impact who can practice, how we qualify and maintain reciprocity to work in other states, and the ability for landscape architects to compete in the marketplace with other professionals.

So that we can be better prepared to educate legislators on what landscape architects contribute to Arizona, Mr. Shuler is introducing us to state lawmakers and reaching out to the landscape architecture community to ask you to identify political leaders you might know, so we can communicate with them about the positive impacts that Landscape Architects have on society, economy, quality of life, health, safety, and welfare.

You would be surprised how many folks don’t know that we don’t just plant shrubs and trees!!

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  1.  Current level of perceived threat?

Bottom Line:  The current threat that the Board of Technical Registration will not be continued and the threat that Landscape Architects will no longer be licensed by the State are both low.

Based on the lobbying and educational efforts undertaken by the Board of Technical Registration (BOTR) and well as the Board of AzASLA over the past several weeks I believe that the threat of the BOTR not being continued is low.

The threat to professions that are currently being licensed by BOTR is higher depending on which profession is being discussed.   I believe there is almost no risk that engineers and architects will not be required to be licensed.  However, BOTR has recommended that assayers no longer be licensed and at this time I believe most of the legislature will feel the same way.  The threat to landscape architects is dependent upon the level of education about and support for the profession among legislators and the Governor.

AzASLA has met with every member of the legislative Committee of Reference.  The Committee makes the recommendation to the full legislature of whether to sunset or continue the Board.  Our goal was to educate members of the Committee about the profession of landscape architects and to express our support for the BOTR.  As a result I believe that the current risk that landscape architects will not be required to be licensed is low.

The Committee of Reference met and unanimously recommended that the Legislature pass a bill this upcoming legislative session that would continue the BOTR.  The question of whether engineers, architects, or landscape architects should be licensed was not raised by the Committee.

Whether the BOTR will be continued and which professions will continue to be licensed will be decided by the Legislature and the Governor in the legislative session that starts in January 2016.

  1.  8 rather than 10 years?

Bottom Line:  State legislative leadership has determined that a continuation period should be no longer that 8 years.

Beginning a few years ago, the State legislative leadership was persuaded that no board, commission, or state agency should be allowed to continue without review for longer than a legislator is allowed to serve under the term limitations in Arizona.  In Arizona a state legislator cannot serve longer than 8 consecutive years.  There is no statute that dictates the 8 year standard for continuation. In fact some boards, commissions, or agencies have been continued with much shorter time periods.


Meet & Greets with Legislators

Representative Darin Mitchell, Representative TJ Shope – Monday January 4th, 2016 Click here for more information

Senate Democratic Whip Martin Quezada – Tuesday January 5th, 2016 Click here for more information

Senate Assistant Minority Leasder Steve Farley, Senate Minority Whip Lupe Contreras, Senate Minority Whip Martin Quezada, House Minority Whip Rebecca Rios, Representative Reginald Bolding- Tuesday January 5th, 2016 Click here for more information

Sen. Steve Yardbrough, Rep. Doug Coleman, Rep. JD Mesnard, Rep. Frank Pratt, Rep. Jeff Wininger – Tuesday January 5th, 2016 Click here for more information

Representative Justin Olson, Representative Darin Mitchell, Representative Anthony Kern – Tuesday January 5th, 2016 Click here for more information

Representative Karen Fann, Representative Noel Campbell, Candidate Chip Davis – Tuesday January 5th, 2016 Click here for more information

House Assistant Minority Leader Bruce Wheeler, Senator David Bradley, Representative Richard Andrade, Representative Ken Clark, Representative Diego Espinoza, Representative LIsa Otondo, Representative Stefanie Mach – Wednesday January 6th, 2016 Click here for more information

Representative Kate Brophy McGee – Wednesday January 6th, 2016 Click here for more information

Representative Mark Cardena, Senator Lupe Contreras, Representative Diego Espinoza, Senator Andrew Sherwood – Wednesday January 6th, 2016 Click here for more information

Secretary of State Michele Reagan, Senator Adam Driggs, Representative Kate Brophy McGee – Wednesday January 6th, 2016 Click here for more information

Senator Don Shooter, Representative Steve Montenegro, Representative Darin Mitchell – Wednesday January 6th, 2016 Click here for more information

Senate Minority Leader Katie Hobbs, House Minority Leader Eric Meyer, Representative Lela Alston, Representative Randy Friese – Thursday, January 7th Click here for more information

Representative Mark Finchem, Representative Jay Lawrence, Representative Vince Leach, Representative Jill Norgaard, Representative Tony Rivero – Friday, January 8th Click here for more information

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