Agriscaping and Living Walls Lunch and Learn

May 29, 2014
Thursday, June 19, 2014
Check in at 7:30 AM
Presentation from 8-9 AM

Agriscaping: A growing Trend in Elegant, Edible Landscaping that Conserves Resources, Improves Healthy Food Access, and Integrates Profitably into the Local Food Economy
With most of our population now living in cities, the concept of edible landscaping is taking on new relevance. Agriscaping is an innovative solution to provide the education and expertise to help people from all around the world transform their home front or back yards into beautiful and productive food gardens. Justin Rohner, Arizona based founder of Agriscaping Technologies, shares his enthusiasm for all aspects of sustainable landscaping. 

Living Walls for the Built Environment
Vertical Greenwalls, or vegetated walls, as they are sometimes called, have been popular in Europe for many years. Founding principal of Scottsdale based Plant Solutions Incorporated, Joe Zazzera has been developing this concept and product in the Arizona market for several years and has done testing and installation on many different systems.


Central Section Lunch & Learn

January 29, 2014
Designing Fitness-Focused Playgrounds presented by: Exerplay & Landscape Structures

The Bridge at ASU
411 N Central Ave
Phoenix, Az 85004
Thursday, February 20th
Starting at 11:30 AM

When it comes to healthy kids and healthy communities, it’s not a question of wanting to do the right thing; it’s a question of how to do it. Statistics on obesity rates and negative lifestyle changes over generations illustrate the need for community changes and the importance of motivating kids to be active. This...

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