Elevation to the ASLA Council of Fellows is among the highest honors a landscape architect may receive.  The designation of Fellow is conferred upon individuals in recognition of exceptional accomplishments over a sustained period of time.  Members of the Council of Fellows may use the suffix “FASLA” to denote this high honor.  Each year during the annual meeting and EXPO, the ASLA hosts an investiture dinner to induct a new class into the Council of Fellows.

The Arizona Chapter encourages eligible members to pursue Fellowship. Please feel free to contact us at info@azasla.org so we can assist you with the application process. 


To be considered for nomination for elevation to the ASLA Council of Fellows, an individual must:

       Be a current ASLA Full Member or International Member in good standing

       Have achieved at least 10 continuous years of membership at the time of nomination.

       Have demonstrated exceptional contributions over an extended period of time.

       Have made a significant positive impact on the public and the profession.

       Have received recognition for those contributions from multiple sources.

Nominations may be made by the executive committee of a chapter, the executive committee of ASLA, or the executive committee of the Council of Fellows in one of four categories:

       1. Works

       2. Leadership/Management

       3. Knowledge

       4. Service

Any member of ASLA may recommend another eligible ASLA member for consideration as a nominee to the three groups mentioned above via written documentation highlighting the member’s accomplishments.

Schedule & Deadlines

Nominations for 2013 must be submitted on a CD-ROM (no hard copies) no later than close of business on Friday, March 8, 2013.

Visit the ASLA website for more information on the Council of Fellows.

Charles M Anderson

H. Duane Blossom

Kenneth R Brooks

Christopher P. Brown

Janice Cervelli

Craig Coronato

Katherine G. Emery

Kristina J. Floor

William H. Havens

Heather Kinkade

Steve Lawrence Martino

Richard E. Mayer

E. Lynn Miller

Ronald R. Stoltz

Theodore D. Walker

James K. Wheat