Arizona State University

BSLA - Bachelors of Science in Landscape Architecture
MLA - Masters of Landscape Architecture (2-year & 3-plus)

Herberger Institue for Design & the Arts
810 S. Forest Mall
Design North (CDN) Room 162
Tempe, AZ 85287

Rebeca Fish Ewan, Coordinator for the Landscape Architecture Program
Design South 306
Tel: (480) 965.9769

University of Arizona

MLA - Masters of Landscape Architecture (3-year)

1040 N. Olive Road
Tucson, AZ 85719

Lauri Macmillan Johnson, Professor and Director of the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning
Architecture A303L
Tel: (520) 621.8790

For a full listing of accredited programs visit the ASLA website

Southwest University of Visual Arts

BLA - Bachelors of Landscape Architecture

Tucson, AZ 85716

Scott Field, ASLA, Program Coordinator
Tel: (520) 325.0123


The desire behind ‘Things You Need to Know’ is to provide basic, local, quick information for Arizona landscape architects to aid in lifelong learning. Continuing professional education consists of having experiences that enhance and expand the skills, knowledge, and abilities of practicing landscape architects to remain current and render competent professional service to clients and the public. The launch of this page is an alpha test at this time and the courses are only suggestive of the types of topics that could appear here in the future. The alpha test will be on the AzASLA website for six months. During the six months, additional courses will be posted. Please ask your colleagues to visit the site and provide their feedback to Suggestions for topics are also welcome. At the end of six months, if there is interest in the idea, a beta test will be developed.

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ASU Student Chapter

Jake Miller, President 2012-13



U of A Student Chapter

Daniel Morgan, President 2012-13